Thursday, May 6, 2010

Web Design

Web design is skill of creating a quality presentation of content that is delivered visually to the viewer. Web designers are to enforce the information to the viewer in a appealing way on a certain companies site. Each design is intricate to that particular page.  Web has so many possibilities and so many different sites that designers have created just for that viewer.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Romare Bearden

This artists is one of the pre-eminent African American artists of the 20th century. He followed in Picasso footsteps using abstract forms to create a unique environment in his paintings. In his later works he started to use collage which took full affect and rocked launched his career. His works of art were influenced by his heritage as an African American. By him mixing together cubism with his own style he created something that was more than art.

Aesthetic Apparatus

This company creates logos, packaging and etc. they create designs for any particular company that needs there service. There designs are uniquely crafted and well put together I love the work that is presented in there online portfolio. There work speaks for its self.


"How" magazines are informative for designers, it gives you the tools to better yourself as you work on different projects. This magazine also publishes job opportunities for college graduates. When my prof. first introduced this magazine I was interested right away because it would better me as a designer. This magazine is expressive and also informative to the graphic design community.

Hush: Work

Hush is an interactive company that creates commercial for different products. Most of there commercials are interactive, they engage the viewer visually. It allows one mind to explore there own imagination while watching each video. To experience the videos I am talking about go to these videos are mind blowing.

My Design Mind

As a designer I have sometimes a hard time sticking to the standards of the industry and the rules that go along with them. At heart I'm an artists that lives by no rules. Sometimes it seems as if my designs do not reflect what my teachers standards are, but they only reflect who I am as a artists. I like to incorporate art into my designs by using my drawings or taking photos and manipulating them. I have realized over the years while in school that I will never meet the typical standards as a designer so i am staying true to myself as a designer and an artists.

Tattoo Design

As a graphic artists I appreciate the designs of a tattoo designer. Its basically art work on your body I like the intricate designs that are introduced in the designer. Some people look down on tattoos but I look at it as a way to express ones own inner beauty of there emotions. The show Miami Ink showed how people came in with there heart on there sleeve getting a piece of artwork that had meaning to there life. Tattoos are works of art that are permanent for a lifetime having a lifetime of artwork is very appreciative

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley using European paintings to create unique forms that are within each painting. such as the man on the horse is an urban example of the renaissance painting of Napoleon. The urban example is of a black man on a horse that exhumes power that African American men rarely have within society. The images side by side are very powerful, Kehinde captures the essence in his painting as if he were a renaissance artist himself.

Kara Walker

Ms. Kara Walker is a printmaker, painter, and installation artist that has achieved international recognition for her works of art that are based upon the 19th century. She used cut out silhouettes that depicted slavey and plantation life in the south. Walker took a chance using images that were gruesome. Even though she got flack for images she still kept true to herself as an artists an continue to use slavery depictions that happened in the south. Each of images are uniquely designed and really strikes a cord within the viewer.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iona Brown

Iona Brown is a new up and coming artists she has paved her own way as an artists. She took a culture that she learned about and illustrated in a uniquely light. she fused two cultures together to create beautiful paintings and abstractions to bring forth issues in a culture that seems to have everything together.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gig Posters

GigPoster is a site where poster lovers can come and buy posters. You can also publish and post your own poster work for sale. On this site I love the art work that is placed on the posters for each band. Each of the posters has a different feel to each and everyone one of them. This site always inspires me to create my own individual work. One day I would love to do poster work or just t-shirt art. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art Chantry

Art Chantry is a great artists I like his unique style that he creates on each individual poster. He puts the time effort and love that should be placed in poster making. Last semester I went to hear Art Chantry speak at the AIGA meeting, he stated that he had little concept of Graphic design but he understood the process of printing his unique style of screen print posters propelled his art to the top. He only worked with specific people who were really interested in creating posters that were visually appealing and artistically intoned. 

He mostly worked with rock bands, if he liked there music he would create their poster and CD cover for them. He was very selective as to who he wanted to work with or stamp his name on. Each of his posters pushed the envelope for other posters artists to go in a different direction. 


The GigPoster site is a site where you can post or buy posters. I love the art that is on each poster. You can see the uniqueness of each artists. The top posters of the week are amazing every week its always new and something fresh. The artists really get into there craft of creating something that is so beautiful and unique. These posters remind me of art chancery posters, he uses the unique space within the posters and takes chances on each of his designs. GigPosters is a great site for graphic designers who love poster art and also those who are poster collectors.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Veer site is good for designers and also web designers who need fonts. This site also has images, illustrations and everything else a designer could ever want or need. This site allows me to navigate to different fonts that I could possibly use for a Design. This site also has job opportunities for web designer and also graphic designers this site is productive for everyones needs and wants.

Johnny Cupcakes

This designer Johnny Cupcakes,  is my favorite t-shirt designer. He started out at the bottom and slowly making his way to the top. Johnny sold t-shirts out of the back of his toyota. From that point on he created a lucrative business that has 5 chains open in the Virginia and Maryland area. He continues to grow his business by traveling around the world and speaking at different colleges to promote young people like him to follow in his footsteps and also to work with his company as well.